Sunrise Communications Limited is an International telecom and intelligence consulting, infrastructure contractor and comprehensive solutions provider. Formed in the 2007 by a team of engineers and consultants with backgrounds in the field of networking science, software engineering and app development, broadband engineering, satellite and wireless engineering, research and development, automation and nano engineering, etc.

We have been formed with an objective to provide complete range of solutions in the IT, intelligence and telecommunications field which include IoT and IIoT, intelligent and smart automated solutions, wireless monitoring solutions, fuel management systems, video monitoring systems, database systems, cloud video APP and backend platforms, artificial intelligence and so on. The company successfully completed projects in Poland, Paraguay, Chile, Netherlands, Portugal, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
We are considered a complete telecom turn-key, consulting and integration company



One stop shop for multi-Vendor, multi-technology managed service excellence

Ability to offer multi-vendor managed services in line with the mixed-technology constitution of large networks Relationships with key network equipment vendors underpinning powerful multi-vendor technical capability Application of our expertise including Level 1 to 4 support and professional services.

Industry-leading competencies, models and experience

Proven capability in rapid, seamless service transfer Award-winning processes and tools to maximize the value of customer knowledge and network/service data Powerful base of transferable skills, models and knowledge in Infrastructure Managed Services Track record of exceeding customer expectations in service quality and cost efficiency improvements.

Measurable Customer Benefits

Flexible / adaptive pricing and operating models to meet customer business objectives Efficiency & Productivity Gains - higher productivity & quality of service based from expert knowledge and back-to-back SLA management Customer focus as part of core values and staff training.

Some of Our Solutions

Automated Car parking
Intelligent Grid Monitoring
Intelligent City Surveillance
Intelligent Agriculture Solutions
Intelligent Gas Station
Ship to Shore Communications
Intelligent City Lighting
Automated Broadcasting Solutions
Intelligent Garbage Management
School and Student Monitoring
LoRA and Microwave Communications
Industrial Automated Solutions
Satellite Leasing Solutions
In-Flight WiFi Solutions
GPS and Fleet Management
Database Systems and Hosting
Big Data Mining and Stastics
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Research and Development
Financial Technologies
Carbon Reduction
RFID and Biometrics
Telecoms and ICT Services
Customized Solutions

We complete every project with extra care as customer need.

Our clients are passionate about seizing opportunities to transform their businesses, and our experts provide critical support and expertise to help companies achieve lasting results. We focus on developing pragmatic strategies to address our clients' most critical challenges at the same time elevating efficiency and effectiveness, so they can better serve their customers - moresoever we share our clients' ambitions and work to understand their reality and deliver true results focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions and align our incentives with our clients' objectives, so they know we're in it together. ..

We complete every project with extra care as customer need.

Focusing on your core business has never been easier with with Sunrise Communications Limited. Focusing on your resources can focus on your core business while never having to worry about your network. This enhances overall value to your organization and your customers, while minimizing your total cost of ownership. We are right there with you, ensuring you can stay focused on what you do best. Our offering also helps operators achieve converged IT and Telecom operations with the support of processes, platforms, tools, expert teams and ensures seamless interoperation between IT and Telecom networks. Sunrise helps to achieve operational excellence through extensive global operation & service process experiences, unified process & platform, and end-to-end service management.